St. Helena - Neck-breaking approaches to the Island of Napoleon

St. Helena - Neck-breaking approaches to the Island of Napoleon

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Accurately handcrafted by RIM&Company, 
St. Helena for X-Plane  aims to provide an as-real-as-it-gets

Replica of the Island of St. Helena and its airport. 

Having served as the place of exile for Napoleon, St. Helena island is located amidst the infinite widths of the South Atlantic Ocean. Its 4500 inhabitants rely on an efficient connection to the outside world and, so far, a monthly-operating mailboat performed that role. 
Understandably, locals desired a more reliable and effective way of transportation: Flight! After her Highness Queen Elizabeth II. signed the bill to invest more than 250 Million British Pounds, the airport opened in 2016, making it one of the most modern and new airports in the world. Endowed with a 1950-metre runway, you will find cliffs that are hundreds of metres deep upon your aerial approach. 
And if this weren’t enough, severe wind shears complicate any attempt of landing a Boeing 737 on St. Helena. However, excellent pilots have managed it. So keep your chin up and test your mettle as a Pilot and land on this wonderful island deep in the South Atlantic. 

Get set, ready and go!

  • An faithful rendition of St. Helena, featuring it´s surroundings as the neighbouring Jamestown and many other landmarks…
  • comprehensive 121,7 photo scenery at 15, 40 and 60 cm/pixel resolution…
  • Spectacular, picturesque views from the cockpit…
  • Meticulously built ground textures at 1, 2 and 5 cm/pixel resolution based on thorough research…
  • Sublimely handcrafted replicas of airport buildings, vehicles and clutter objects equipped with 2K & 4K-Textures, giving highest attention to details, featuring many animations and authentic Night textures…
  • 2 superb static planes unique to the location of St.Helena Airport.
  • Objects from CDB Library (Cami de Bellis) used with permission
  • Putting emphasis on a vivid setting: Several animations evoke an as-real-as-it-gets atmosphere…

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